New tender for bulk seed handling

New tender for bulk seed handling

Meridian Mfg. rolls out the new Titan SR2 tender.

Travel to the field with two bulk seed boxes with the new Meridian Seed Titan SR2. The system is built to provide easy fill of individual seed boxes and handling commodities like corn, beans, rice, cotton, wheat and oats. The machine features a patented system for self-centering boxes for quick loading and transport. The trailer for the tender features 7,000-pound torsion axles and it features a low-profile deck. The 7-inch auger unloads up to 625-pounds-per-minute; the 7-inch conveyor unloads 1,250 pounds per minute.

Options include a scale package, a 7-inch-by-19-foot polycup auger or Meridian's Cleated belt Conveyor, a light package and a talc applicator. Learn more at

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