New Tool to Help Iowa Soybean Producers

ISU Extension soybean Web page now has a Q & A section.

Got a question about soybean management? Go to the new "Question and Answer" section on and submit your question. "We will answer your question within 24 to 48 hours," says Palle Pedersen, Iowa State University Extension soybean agronomist.

"This section on our homepage can be used by farmers and crop consultants to submit a question about any topic regarding soybean management," he says. "Web site users are able to attach up to two pictures with their description of the issue or problem they are seeing in their field. The pictures will help us determine what is causing the problem."

This service will help farmers and others with scouting of the soybean crop. "Weekly scouting of your soybean fields is needed to maximize yield," emphasizes Pedersen. "Scouting can help you manage yield robbers that can show up throughout the growing season and can cause a tremendous amount of yield loss. These yield robbers include weeds, insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and pesticide and soybean variety selection issues."

The person submitting the question will be anonymous to everyone. Users only need to include their e-mail address, county, state and zip code. "This will help us determine where problems are occurring in the state," he explains.

If the question is relevant to other people who could benefit then the question and answer will be printed online so everyone who visits the Web page can read it. "Later this summer, we hope to have the questions posted in a database so anyone visiting the Web page can search and find answers to previous questions," he says.

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