Overall Winter Wheat Condition is Good

Some areas having problems.

At this time according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says a very good picture is seen of the nation's winter wheat crop, especially in the Northern regions, which have not suffered any hard freezes or lack of moisture.

"The only areas we've really been watching with respect to concern for winter wheat has been the Southeastern Plains and also in parts of the Northwest," Rippey says.

Oklahoma and Texas seem to be seeing the most problems because of a lack of rain during the fall to get the crop established.

"As a result we've seen the percentage of the wheat rated very-poor to poor creeping up in Texas," Rippey says.

In October only 11% of the wheat in Texas was rated very-poor to poor and 52% was rated good to excellent. However a lot has changed in the past two months.

"Fast-forward to the present, the winter wheat very-poor to poor increasing to 27% and now only 35% good to excellent," Rippey says. "So dryness is starting to take a toll."

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