Planting Progress in Midwest Still a Mixed Bag

Weather remains problematic, but planting is moving forward.

Wet weather has plagued farmers this spring as storm systems have delayed planting time and again. While continuing storms have kept many farmer out of the field, USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says others are moving forward.

"The percent planted has jumped now from 10% to 27% from last week to May 4," Rippey says. "Finally some producers in the Midwest are able to get out into fields in between storms and despite cool soils."

However Rippey says there are still some tremendous delays being seen in some key corn states such as Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri.

"Despite that we did see nine states of the major 18 production states showing at least 20% planting progress during the week," Rippey says.

The late planting also has emergence lagging behind at 4% compared with the five-year average of 17%.

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