Poll Says Biofuels are Most Accepted Method to Achieve Energy Independence

Surveyed consumers seem to be focused on long term energy solutions.

A survey commissioned by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council reveals that biofuels top the list as the most acceptable avenue to long term energy security in the United States. EPIC Executive Director Toni Nuernberg reports that of some one thousand consumers interviewed about 73% of them responded they want to see domestically produced biofuels such as ethanol replace oil.

The survey also found that 62% of the consumers surveyed cited conservation as a solution to long-term energy independence, 58% favored increased domestic drilling, and 55% support mandated manufacturing of environmentally friendly vehicles and 24% cited drilling in environmentally friendly areas as an option. Only 7% responded that importing more foreign oil was an acceptable solution to our current energy problems.

"The goal of energy independence won't be easy. It’s going to take hard work, innovation, investment, conservation, collaboration, and patience both from the biofuels industry and the public," Nuernberg said. "It's also is going to require change to a more diversified energy portfolio of clean domestically produced alternative fuels and renewable energy."

To view the report, click HERE.

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