Premiums Offered for Pioneer Low-Lin Soybeans

Contracting program offering premiums to producers is expanding.

In 2008, producers who raise low linolenic soybeans from Pioneer Hi-Bred, can earn up to a 60 cent premium per bushel. More than 100 elevators in seven states are offering the premium under the expanded contract program. Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Missouri all have locations where farmers can earn the premium for low linolenic soybeans.

Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance is marketing Treus low linolenic soybean oil in conjunction with the premium program and offering companies a way to reduce or eliminate trans fats from their products.

"We are seeing strong demand from food companies for low linolenic soybean oil and are excited to offer valuable contracting opportunities with flexible marketing alternatives to soybean growers," says John Hibbard, Bunge DuPont Biotech Alliance business manager. "By participating in our low linolenic soybean program, growers help position themselves as leaders and innovators in the global marketplace while helping meet the increasing consumer demand for foods with improved nutritional profiles."

In addition to the premium that farmers can earn for Pioneer low linolenic soybeans, they can also receive rebates on DuPont crop production products they use on those acres. To find out more contact your local Pioneer dealer or click HERE.

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