Proposed Biobased Product Label Rule Published

Proposed Biobased Product Label Rule Published

Program will identify biobased products on retail shelves.

USDA's BioPreferredSM labeling program has been published in the Federal Register. This new labeling rule is expected to make it easier for consumers to identify biobased products on retail store shelves. Biobased products are products that are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients - renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials. A BioPreferred designated item is one that meets or exceeds USDA-established minimum biobased content requirements.


Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says increasing the purchase and use of biobased products will help increase our nation's energy security and independence by using American agricultural products, while spurring economic development in rural areas. He says the BioPreferred Label will help consumers make more informed product choice decisions.


Currently, USDA has identified more than 15,000 commercially available biobased products across approximately 200 categories, from cleaning products to construction materials.

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