Rain Slows Harvest, But Yields Are Good In Iowa

Weekly survey shows 58 percent of Iowa's soybeans and 22 percent of the state's corn acres harvested as of October 9.

The weekly Iowa Crops and Weather Report, based on statewide survey results released by the Iowa Agricultural Statistics Service on October 9, shows that harvest is progressing—despite some wet weather in the state this past week.

"The rains last week slowed harvesting down, especially in the eastern area of the state," notes Harry Hillaker, state climatologist with the Iowa Department of Agriculture in Des Moines. "But for the most part the crops look really good."

Farmers are harvesting around the rain showers, according to the weekly crop conditions survey. Rain is keeping bean stems wet and difficult to combine. Many farmers are starting to harvest corn, which has dried well, while they wait for beans to dry again. Hail damaged some fields in Ida and Plymouth counties, while some of the unharvested low areas were under water in the eastern part of the state. The warm days and moisture aided the growth of pastures.

73 percent of Iowa corn crop good to excellent

There were 4.0 days suitable for fieldwork, compared to 6.4 days a year ago. Topsoil moisture as of October 9 in Iowa rates 2 percent short, 73 percent adequate and 25 percent surplus across the state. Subsoil moisture rates 1 percent very short, 4 percent short, 77 percent adequate and 18 percent surplus.

In Iowa, 22 percent of the corn has been harvested as of October 9, and that's 6 percent ahead of both last year's percentage and the 5-year average. Statewide, the percent moisture of corn in the field is 20 percent, with harvested corn moisture averaging 17 percent. Condition of the 2007 corn crop in Iowa now rates 2 percent very poor, 6 percent poor, 19 percent fair, 49 percent good and 24 percent excellent.

The survey shows that 58 percent of the soybeans have been harvested, 4 percent behind last year's harvest at this time and 1 percent behind the five-year average. Soybean condition rates 1 percent very poor, 4 percent poor, 19 percent fair, 52 percent good and 24 percent excellent.

Pasture condition rates 2 percent very poor, 8 percent poor, 26 percent fair, 46 percent good and 18 percent excellent.

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