Retroactive Rangeland Carbon Credits Deadline is Friday

Chance to apply for 2003-2007 credits expires Jan. 30.

The Chicago Climate Exchange will close the window for ranchers to receive 2003-2007 retroactive rangeland carbon credits on Jan. 30, 2009. To be eligible, applications must be signed and post-marked by that date. According to SunOne Solutions (, one of the nation's leading carbon credit companies, only 2008 retroactive credits will be eligible after that date.

Ranches that have been using sustainable practices in compliance with the Natural Resource Conservation Service's standards and agree to continue these practices until 2014 can apply to receive retroactive carbon credits for the period 2003-2008.

"In order to receive full retroactive credits, this is the last day to enroll eligible rangeland in this program and we would hate for ranchers to miss out on this opportunity," said John Hodges, CEO of SunOne Solutions. "SunOne offers our customers the opportunity to get payments immediately or hold on to their registered credits and wait for higher market prices, and given the state of the economy many of our clients are pleased to have the option to hold out for higher prices."

Carbon offset credits are an important component of domestic and international strategies to reduce greenhouse gases and combat climate change. Landowners who sequester carbon through sustainable land management practices on farmland, forests, grassland, and rangeland can qualify for these credits, and if they wish, may benefit financially by selling them on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

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