A One-Stop Shop For Organics Is Now Online

A One-Stop Shop For Organics Is Now Online

USDA's Ag Marketing Service has a new website with information for organic crop and livestock producers.

FAQ: I have a small 60-acre farm that has just become certified organic. I'd like to find out more information about organic-focused research, education and Extension programs. Where should I go online to learn about this?

Answer: The following answer is provided by Mark Lipson, USDA organic policy adviser. He can be contacted at the Organic Resource Center at USDA.gov.

If you are looking for USDA programs and services that support the growing organic sector, you are in luck. USDA has created a new centralized Web resource center online. It tells about all the programs, services and data USDA has that supports organic agriculture.

Visit (and bookmark) the organic web resource center to access:

ONE-STOP SHOP: If you're looking for information about programs for producing and marketing organic crop and livestock products, USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service has a new website that's a one-stop shop for organics.

•Conservation programs, flexible microloans and other financial resources for farmers and ranchers.
• Organic price reports, cost/revenue comparisons and other economic and market data.
• Improved crop and livestock insurance and other programs tailored to the organic sector.
• Production and conservation assistance and research on organic agriculture.
• Benefits of organic certification and how to get certified.
• USDA staff at your local field offices

USDA is committed to helping organic agriculture grow and thrive by removing obstacles for organic farmers and businesses. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has instructed all USDA agencies to incorporate the needs of the organic sector into their programs and services, and he has asked USDA/AMS to lead this effort.  

This one-stop shop for organic-related programs and services at USDA.gov is one way we are meeting those needs. Also read the USDA Blog: A One-Stop Shop for Organics, with Lots in Store.

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