Sukup Is Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur of the Month

Founded 45 years ago in Sheffield, the grain bin and grain handling equipment maker is a leader in many ways.

Sukup Manufacturing Company, founded 45 years ago in Sheffield, won the coveted Renew Rural Iowa entrepreneur of the month award for November.

Sukup Manufacturing got its humble start 45 years ago in a small welding shop, founded by Iowa Inventors Hall of Fame farmer, Eugene Sukup. Sukup invented a grain stirring and drying machine which not only speeded up the drying process, it reduced pockets of overheated grain and spoilage.

Today, Sukup is recognized as one of the top three bin manufacturers in the world. "Renew Rural Iowa is proud to honor a company that works so hard to bring more value to Iowa's farmers. Sukup Manufacturing is a testament to the model of a successful family business and the true entrepreneurial spirit," says Renew Rural Iowa community outreach coordinator, Sandy Ehrig.

Company has customer, community in mind

"We know that drying a valued crop is crucial, especially in a year such as this, when farmers faced increasing input costs and record-setting wet weather. In these trying times, Iowa farmers are increasingly called on to feed and fuel a growing world population, so their crops are more valuable than ever before," said Charles Sukup, company president.

Sukup Manufacturing owns and operates their main manufacturing facility in Sheffield, but also owns and operates distribution centers in six other Midwest states. They make bin unloading equipment, grain dryers, grain bins and other grain handling accessories. Their 450,000-square-foot facility employs 400 people, making it one of north-central Iowa's largest employers and economic contributors. "Many of our employees were raised on farms or are still connected to agriculture. It's something to be proud of; our success is owed to the innovative spirit and strong work ethic of rural Iowa," says Charles Sukup.

Business mentoring and financial advice are the cornerstones of the Renew Rural Iowa program and their Business Success seminars, which are held with co-hosts around the state. The next Business Success Seminar, designed to enhance the enterprise value of existing or new small town businesses, will be held in Adel in March. To register online or co-host one in your area, visit or call 800-254-9670.

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