Survey Shows Iowa Planted Acres Will Hold Steady In 2010

Survey Shows Iowa Planted Acres Will Hold Steady In 2010

Iowans may plant 13.6 million acres of corn, slightly less than last year, while bean acres are projected up slightly.

A survey of farmers at the Iowa Power Farming Show earlier this month has been summarized and released. It indicates corn and soybean acres will remain relatively stable in 2010 in Iowa—with corn acres down just slightly from 2009, while soybeans will likely be up a little.


The survey results point to 13.6 million acres of corn being planted in the state this spring, which would be 100,000 less corn acres than last year. There were 13.7 million acres of corn planted in 2009. The survey indicates 9.8 million acres of soybeans will likely be planted in Iowa in 2010, which would be up 200,000 acres from last year. Last year 9.6 million acres of beans were planted in Iowa.


Nationally, the survey shows corn acres will be 87.5 million, up from 86.5 million last year. Soybean acreage in the U.S. in 2010 is forecast to rise to 78.5 million acres, up from 77.4 million in 2009. The Iowa Power Farming Show is held in Des Moines each year in early February. The show is sponsored by the Iowa-Nebraska farm equipment dealers association.


About 25% of farmers surveyed are undecided on acreage mix for 2010


The survey was conducted by AgriSource of West Des Moines, a crop marketing advisory service that also sells crop insurance. A record 19,081 farmers attended the 55th annual Iowa Power Farming Show in Des Moines in early February 2010, and approximately 2,600 of them were surveyed. These surveys were analyzed from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Nebraska, with over 2.6 million corn and soybean acres included in the survey.


In addition to the Power Farming Show survey of attendees, AgriSource conducted an online acreage survey during the first two weeks of February--surveying AgriSource's Midwest customer base. These online acreage estimates were also incorporated into the survey data gathered from the farmers attending the Power Farming Show. That's how AgriSource came up with the U.S. total.


"These acreage estimates are as of mid-February and are subject to change, as grain market conditions have varied since the survey was taken," points out Keith Gehling of AgriSource. "However, our previous two Power Farming Show surveys in 2008 and 2009 did accurately predict the trend in acreage in both of those crop years—as it was eventually reported by USDA in the government's annual March 31 Planting Intentions Report."


Gehling adds, "This is the third year we have worked with the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers and conducted the Iowa Power Farming show acreage survey. We feel the 2010 Iowa acreage number is a solid indication of what Iowa farmers are planning on planting this spring. The sample size on the Iowa survey is roughly 10% of the total corn and soybean acres planted in Iowa."


Less corn acreage in 2010 in Midwest? That's not what trade is thinking


"Our survey is indicating less corn acreage for 2010 across the Midwest than what most analysts in the trade are thinking today," notes Gehling. "One of the surprising statistics in this survey is that producers over 1,500 acres in Iowa are indicating that they will be shifting more acres away from corn and going back to planting more soybeans this year."


He points out that AgriSource's in-house survey data is showing about 25% of the farmers are still undecided on their acreage mix for 2010. "A sharp rally from the current prices, or an early spring planting season which would be more favorable for corn planting, could pull more acres back to corn," notes Gehling.


Tom Junge, director of the Iowa Power Farming Show says, "I appreciate the time the farmers took to complete the acreage survey at the show earlier this month. With volatile commodity prices in row crop production agriculture, we hope this planting intentions information will assist producers in making better decisions in their farming operations and in their crop marketing."


AgriSource is a grain marketing, commodity brokerage, and crop insurance company with 25 locations across the Midwest. The Web site is The Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association represents over 400 agricultural, industrial and outdoor power equipment dealers in Iowa and Nebraska. The Web site is

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