Texas Officials Challenging EPA

Texas Officials Challenging EPA

Opposition to EPA regulation of greenhouse gases continues to grow.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Governor Rick Perry have joined in challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The Texas state officials have submitted a petition that outlines how EPA has ignored major scientific conclusions and questions the federal government's decision to regulate greenhouse gases based on fragile claims.


Last December, EPA ruled that greenhouse gases were harmful to the environment, despite scientific evidence that suggests otherwise. Ag Commissioner Staples charges that EPA has ignored extensive research on greenhouse gas emissions and based significant regulation on faulty data.


According to Staples, the Texas Department of Agriculture is required to impose rules based on sound science not political science. Not only does state law require this, but it is also a fundamental principle by which regulators all across the United States have always lived. Attorney General Abbott says climate change is an issue that requires careful analysis of all available data and options, steps which the EPA chosen not to follow. 

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