No-tools drop span introduced

No-tools drop span introduced

Zimmatic is rolling out the 9500DS allowing farmers to more easily irrigate around field obstacles with their pivots.

The idea of a drop-span to manage irregular irrigation areas isn't new, farmers have been jury rigging their own systems and others have developed ideas too. Zimmatic Irrigation Systems is adding the new 9500DS drop span option to its product line, which allows farmers to "break" the pivot to manage obstacles, like trees our outbuildings, and keep on irrigating.

With this system you can easily drop obstructed outer spans, irrigated, and then re-attach it when the pivot returns. This allows a pivot to pick up more areas with a single system and enhance watering efficiency. The system is designed to work without the need of tools - a first for the industry.

IRREGULAR IRRIGATOR: The 9500DS drop span from Zimmatic allows you to 'break' a pivot around an obstacle, without tools.

The 9500DS is available with standard galvanized pipe and also will be offered in a stainless steel version for use on alternative pipeline machines in corrosive water situations. And note the end gun (which appears in the middle) is also an option.

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