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QOTD: Master Farmers speak

QOTD: Master Farmers speak

Check out these words of wisdom, straight from our 2016 Master Farmer stories.

We’re working on our Master Farmer issue this week and for the record, let me say that these are the hardest stories to write. Ever. You want so badly to do justice to these people’s stories, and they’re so uniquely successful. And humble. Always humble.

But they’re also the most insightful interviews I do all year long. Every year, I come away with tidbits I share with my husband and we use in our family and on our farm. Truly, dozens of quotes, and I only have room for a fraction of them in the story. And while I can’t tell you yet who said them (tune in back  March 1!), here’s a quick sampling.

“I was the only person in charge of what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish.”

“We created and kept a stable family.” (when asked their greatest achievement)

“When you quit growing you start dying.”

“People say they ‘want’ to work and that they can drive a tractor. Problem is, they can’t operate the equipment. With half a million sitting there, it takes skilled labor.”

“Never ask anybody to do anything you haven’t already done yourself. NEVER.”  

“Business is business and you’re not going to rent every farm. Not everyone will like the way you do business. Just because they don’t like the way you do business, doesn’t mean you have to be enemies.”

“I thought he was going to be a smart farmer. And I was a farm girl.”  

“The things you do wrong won’t hurt you near as bad as the things you don’t do.”

“Have a strong work ethic. You do it to get it done. If you get tired, you keep going till you get it done. And you do it right the first time.”

Amen to that. To all of it.

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