Wanted: Iowa Beef Producers & Marketers For Quality Assurance

Wanted: Iowa Beef Producers & Marketers For Quality Assurance

You are urged to nominate beef producers and marketers for the 2012 Iowa Beef Quality Assurance Awards.

Quality beef begins with quality care. The Iowa Beef Industry Council wants to recognize beef producers and marketers who diligently care for and properly handle cattle in order to provide consumers with safe and wholesome beef. Applications for the 2012 Iowa Beef Quality Assurance, or BQA, awards are now being accepted.

BQA is a national program for beef cattle production that assures the highest standards of animal care and treatment. It was developed with guidance from leading animal health and well-being experts and outlines essential elements for cattle care. More than 90% of all U.S. beef is raised under the BQA program.

ASSURING BEEF QUALITY: Iowa Beef Industry Council recognizes cattle producers and marketers who make an extra effort to care for and properly handle cattle, to provide consumers with safe, wholesome and nutritious beef. Nominations and applications for the 2012 Beef Quality Assurance Awards will be accepted through the end of the day on December 3.

The Iowa BQA program recognizes an outstanding beef cattle producer and/or marketer who best demonstrate BQA practices, including sound animal husbandry practices. Nominees should be BQA-certified and work to continually improve BQA on their operations while operating sustainable beef cattle businesses. The desire to encourage fellow producers to implement BQA and communicate what the industry is doing to ensure quality cattle care is a plus. The award is open to all segments of the industry – commercial cow-calf, seedstock, backgrounders, feedyards, dairy operations, auction markets operators and veterinarians.

Entries are due December 3; state BQA winners will be selected by a committee

"The BQA program's mission is to maximize consumer confidence in beef while exceeding their eating expectations," said Doug Bear, director of industry relations for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. "The BQA Award is a way to recognize the men and women who put great tasting beef on our consumer's plate."

Entries are due December 3, 2012. The state BQA award winners will be selected by a committee of fellow beef cattle producers, veterinarians, pharmaceutical representatives and others who have a "steak" in the future of the beef industry.  Nominations can be submitted by any organization, group or individual on behalf of an Iowa beef producer or marketer. Individuals and families may not nominate themselves; however, the nominees are expected to be involved in the preparation of the application. For further information on the award or to download the application, please visit the Iowa Beef website and click on the" For Producers" tab.

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