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Apply by July 10 for risk management education funding

Risk Management Agency works to help producers manage long-term risks.

Up to $8.85 million is available for cooperative agreements for risk management education and training programs. The funding provides resources for organizations such as universities, county cooperative extension offices and nonprofit organizations to develop training and education tools to help farmers and ranchers learn how to effectively manage long-term risks and challenges.

The Risk Management Agency works with private partners to assist producers, especially limited resource, socially disadvantaged and other traditionally underserved farmers and ranchers, in effectively managing long-term risks and challenges.

Interested organizations may apply by submitting documentation required as part of the Risk Management Education Partnerships Request for Applications (RFA). The applications are then reviewed and those who receive awards enter into a partnership with the RMA. The Risk Management Education Division manages the cooperative agreements.

“Our partnerships with private organizations help us reach a broader audience of producers so that they know and understand how to manage risk and what options are available to them,” said RMA Acting Administrator Heather Manzano.

Available funding includes $4.85 million for the Crop Insurance in Targeted States Program for crop insurance education programs where there is a low level of federal crop insurance participation and availability. The targeted states are Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Additionally, $4 million in funding is available for the Risk Management Education Partnerships Program, which provides funding for the development of general nationwide crop insurance education as well as other risk management training programs for producers.

A broad range of risk management training activities are eligible for funding consideration, including training on federal crop insurance options, risk analysis, and changes to the crop insurance program due to farm bill provisions. Partners can also train farmers at all levels on risk management options that help secure local food systems and strengthen rural communities.

The request for applications is available through and will be open for 60 days. Visitors can search by catalog of federal domestic assistance (CFDA) number 10.460, Risk Management Partnership program, or CFDA number 10.458, Crop Insurance in Targeted States.

Applications for the Crop Insurance in Targeted States Program and Risk Management Education Partnerships Program are due by 5 p.m. ET on July 10, 2017. All applications must be submitted electronically through the Results Verification System website and received by the deadline.

In 2016 crop year the federal crop insurance program insured 290.9 million acres, with 1.18 million policies and $100.5 billion worth of coverage (as of April 26, 2017).

Source: USDA RMA

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