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NEW FARM BILL: A total of 27 Iowa farmers sent a letter last week to their two U.S. senators and four representatives in Congress regarding crop insurance and conservation programs.

Farmers concerned about crop insurance, conservation

Iowa group sent a letter expressing its concerns to representatives in Congress.

Twenty-seven Iowa farmers, in support of addressing certain issues and strengthening conservation and crop insurance practices in the 2018 Farm Bill, signed and sent a letter to Iowa’s two U.S. senators — Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst — and four members of the U.S. House of Representatives — Rod Blum, Dave Loebsack, David Young and Steve King.

“As farmers in Iowa, we write to you with concerns about the future of soil and water conservation in our state,” the letter began. “Conservation practices, such as planting cover crops, have been enormously beneficial for our farming operations.”

Looking for ways to convince other farmers
The farmers shared ideas on how to encourage more farmers to use more soil and water conservation practices, such as planting cover crops, using no-till farming and planting a diverse crop rotation.

The letter asked Iowa’s congressional delegation for crop insurance to work hand in hand with conservation policy, proposing the removal of barriers within current crop insurance policies, which can prohibit or limit some of them to plant cover crops.

The letter also asks that Congress protect existing conservation programs under the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, particularly the working lands conservation programs, such as the Conservation Stewardship Program and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

“As Iowa farmers, we believe these ideas are good for farmers, good for Iowa, good for our rural economies, and good for our soil and water,” the letter states. “Please provide strong support for conservation in the upcoming farm bill work.”

To view the letter, visit For more information or to get involved, contact Anna Johnson at [email protected] or 515-215-1294.

Source: Center for Rural Affairs

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