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Deals Being Done

Deals Being Done

Kinze and Raven cut a deal, but there's plenty going on in this business.

Kinze and Raven announced this week that they will collaborate on a new multi-hybrid planter control. Raven rolled out their approach last spring and Kinze made their announcement early this year. Kinze is rolling out its concept this spring and now it's clear how they'll get moving on the concept. This team-up makes sense from a development standpoint.

Look around and you'll see other deals. Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Pioneer and BASF have teamed with John Deere, mainly to allow for easier data sharing through the system. This will help farmers capture data and share with trusted partners. And frankly it makes sense.

Pulling it together will be key as companies work to maximize information and technology for the market.

Like in the early days of biotech, one company doesn't hold all the cards when it comes to technology. In fact, partnerships will make more sense as companies and growers try to pull together information from a range of places, or control more complex machines.

When we talk data gathering, we often think just of the combine and tractor you own, but your cooperative may be creating an as-applied map as their custom rig rolls through the field. Or your consultant is scouting the field for trouble and recording hotspots. All that data has to come together and different tools need to talk to each other.

The news that Raven and Kinze have teamed up is just a strong example of how these partnerships can play out and companies push the envelope of new technology. Raven is already working with others as it's Slingshot system grows. The company has developed more than 50 "links" called application program interfaces that allow for easy data sharing.

As you look forward to 2014 and more tech adoption, it's clear that you'll be working with more than one player to get the job done. Finding players who's tech works well with yours will be the next big challenge.

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