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Field Moms to the Hog Farm

Field Moms to the Hog Farm

Illinois Farm Families has selected 20 Chicago moms for their new class of Field Moms. This weekend: their first field trip.

I have written much in the past about what the Illinois Farm Families program is doing to share agricultural truth with the consumers of Chicago, and in my mind, one of the greater programs they've come up with is the Field Moms program.

In its first year, they selected 10 Chicago moms to be "Field Moms." They chose women with an interest in the food supply and with a sphere of influence. They took them inside hog confinements, to cattle feedlots, inside tractors and combines, and to a Monsanto research farm (just to mention a few).

The really cool part? We saw actual progress. The Field Moms were getting it, just by spending time on farms, seeing what we do, and learning who we are.

Field Mom Amy Rossi captures a photo of Mike Martz as he demonstrates their ultrasounding and cattle handling facilities, designed by Temple Grandin.

And now they've selected the second class. This time around, there will be 20 Field Moms. They'll tour six Illinois farms between now and November and in fact, will head to a hog operation in Sycamore this weekend.

It's bound to be a good day.

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