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Our Harvest Story: What's Yours?

Our Harvest Story: What's Yours?

Share your best harvest story – whether you laughed, cried or both – with Farm Progress and Mycogen, and you could win a Gator. No kidding.

If you made it out to the Farm Progress Show this year, you may have noticed signs from Mycogen asking you to share your harvest story. Or you may have seen it online.

Or maybe you're hearing about it here for the first time.

Either way, here's the scoop: Farm Progress publications and Mycogen are sponsoring a little harvest contest together. Click on this link, and you can upload your very best harvest tale. You can write it…you can video it…you can even include a photograph. Whatever works for you.

Deadline for entering is November 20.

Of course, there are prizes. Three winners will be chosen in each of three regions. First place in each region takes home a John Deere Gator and $5,000 worth of Mycogen seed. Not too shabby. Two runners up in each region will win a Weber grill and $1,000 worth of Mycogen seed. Not too shabby either.

And I'm betting you have a story to tell. It may even be tough to narrow it down. If it were me, I'd tell about the 2002 harvest when I was pregnant with my first baby and due any minute. And sure enough, my water broke just as my husband was putting on anhydrous in the field next to the house. Score – he was actually close by! But when he was rushing to put equipment away so we could head to the hospital, he turned his ankle in the ditch. Like, really badly and probably almost sprained it. In true farmer style, he sucked it up, laced up his boots tighter, and barely mentioned it as we drove to the hospital. Serious points for him. And he scored sympathy points from the nurses when it continued to grow more sore and he finally admitted later in the night what had happened. I think they even got him warm blankets and encouraged him to sit down (whatever). In the end, it all worked out.

So what's your story? Think it over and send in an entry.

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