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Return of an Icon?

Boomer 8N is a special edition compact tractor from New Holland.

Nostalgia can sell equipment, just ask the folks at BMW's Mini Cooper division where a revamped, modern car that harkens back to a popular older version remains a strong seller even in a soft market. The folks at New Holland seem to be taking that approach with an interesting version of their Boomer compact tractor.


Walking by the New Holland display, you see a tractor in a familiar grey and red color scheme. Of course we all know that New Holland got into the tractor business when Ford Motor Company decided to get out so the Ford Tractor heritage is now part of the New Holland brand history, so why not a refurbished 8N in the display. But it's NOT a refurbished's a new Boomer 8N. And it was getting quite a bit of attention at the show.


The Boomer 8N carries a familiar grey and red paint scheme, but is loaded with more modern tech than it's historic predecessor. The 8N, a long-popular gasoline-powered tractor sold more than 500,000 units by the time it had run its course. Not sure the Boomer 8N would do that much given the total change in today's ag market, but it could be a hot seller for the New Holland line.


A quick glance would have you thinking this was an old 8N...but look again, it's the new Boomer 8N. New Holland launched the new-version, 50 hp retro tractor at the National Farm Machinery Show.


The Boomer 8N carries a retro look, but under the gray hood lies a dependable 50-horsepower diesel engine with a 2,800-pound, 3-point lift capacity. That engine is mated to the drive axle through the company's Easy Drive continuously variable transmission - no need to shift, just advance the throttle for more speed.


The machine also features a four-wheel drive axle for better traction, a large operating platform with room to stretch out - oh and this new 8N has lost the steel seat for a cushioned model that's a lot more comfortable to sit in.


The Boomer 8N will only be available as a open-station (no cab) machine, and the retail price will come in at around $30,000 - though that's not been set. The company plans a first-year run of about 1,000 machines, but who knows, retro could be very popular.


And New Holland will be offering a wide range of customization add-ons from chrome accessories to lights.


The company is pushing the new machine with its own Web site, so you can learn more by visiting It's an interesting new machine for the 2009 market.

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