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Several Seasons in Agriculture

Several Seasons in Agriculture

Sure there are the basic four, but in the ag biz we have others.

We talk a lot about seasons in agriculture. The weather is the link between profit and loss for many operations as you prepare, plant, tend and harvest a crop. Nature has a way of waylaying all plans for a successful year.

I'm finding there are more than four seasons these days, and while some may just impact a lowly ag journalist like myself, others impact you too. Some are weather related, and some, well not so much.

Soggy has been the word of the day in some parts of the Midwest this season. Photy by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Take road construction. Colleague, and fellow blogger, Fran O'Leary talks about the two seasons of Wisconsin - winter and road construction. I've come to rely on mapping programs and other tools to make it around the country, but when they let you down it's a challenge. This week I was making a trip for a media event I can't talk about until next week and got detoured 20 miles out of the way for construction. Luckily I built in time, but can't image what road closures do for a farm trying to empty the 2013 crop out and get it to market before harvest 2014.

Sure in the summer there's weather - rain, wind, etc. But this year Nature has added a few things - floods, hail, tornadoes (though less severe than some years - except to those that are hit). Another colleague, Holly Spangler, just weathered 20 minutes of hail. Last summer in the suburbs where I live we had 40 minutes of hail - so that means I have a new roof, windows, siding... but it wasn't fun.

There are more fun seasons - really.

Sure we like summer for grilling and being outside. You, dear farmer-reader, are outside all the time and nice summer days help you keep up with spraying, livestock chores and more.

Another season we like, at least around Farm Progress, is show season. This week is Hay & Forage Expo, which is in Boone, Iowa, this year at the site of the 2014 Farm Progress Show.

Next month we're media partners for the Precision Aerial Ag Show in Decatur, Ill., at Progress City, home to the 2015 Farm Progress Show. At that show you'll actually be able to watch unmanned aerial vehicles fly, ask questions and be able to check out the latest software used to turn sky-made images into useful decision making tools. Learn more about that show at

Show season is a great time for me. I enjoy catching up on the latest. Of course the road to show season is filled with media events that offer insight on a number of the new products you'll see at the fall farm shows. My calendar is already full and based on what I'm seeing in press releases already, you'll have some cool stuff to look at during Farm Progress Show, Husker Harvest Days and other major fall shows.

The many seasons of agriculture bring both good and bad. My hope is that as this summer progresses the scales tip to the good side more for you.

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