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Show Trends and Interesting Items

Show Trends and Interesting Items

Finishing up Farm Progress Show has me thinking about cool stuff - and I mean more than temperatures.

As the Farm Progress Show winds down it's a good time to think about what's hot from the show. Of course this year that has a double-meaning with temps in the 90s all three days, but farmers work outside, a little hot weather was no deterrent for visitors.

MANURE MANAGER: The Lagoon Crawler from Nuhn got our staff's attention during the 2013 Farm Progress Show.

Of course what's a little heat among friends when there are 40 air conditioned exhibits on the lot, and enough breeze and shade to keep ahead of the weather? I was thinking more about cool stuff like the new Ag Leader Agfiniti system that creates a cloud-based tool for passing information from equipment to farm and back again. The company took a pragmatic approach creating an antenna that attaches to their monitor and then links to an existing data account, like your cell phone, to transfer information.

The Agfiniti system stores your data - and the company was clear that's all they do - for easy access. It's an interesting approach. And with data ownership questions starting to appear, for now that's an advantage the company could press.

Over at Trimble, a competitor, the Connected Farm system gets an enhancement with the Connected Farm dashboard. It's a one-stop location where you can see weather and link into paid tools you have from the company - like mapping, data transfer and even the new RainWave product that offers virtual rain measurement around the farm. And the company launched the new TMX-2050 monitor that at first blush looks like an overweight iPad. It is Android-software based, and provides a simpler user interface with easy access to your data.

Around the lot there were other innovations, like a Summers rolling basket enhancement - simple as it is - that scrapes residue as it rolls keeping the basket clean and effective as it rolls though the field. That basket can be added to most any tillage tool, and the company was getting a lot of interest.

Of course the majors had their launches at the show - and we've covered them at Case IH, Agco and Deere, but there were surprises. Agco rolled out the new MT700 tractor and the MT800, both with new final Tier 4 engines and plenty of low-RPM torque. The tech deployed to get that low-RPM torque includes managing detonations per cylinder cycle and a long stroke for best performance.

There was even a unique not-so-little machine from Nuhn Industries. The company has built a Lagoon Crawler, which is a remote control amphibious pump that offers owners of big lagoons a unique way to agitate them and maximize nutrient use for the farm. It got plenty of attention and I thank my colleague Mindy Ward for pointing it out. You can see it at Nuhn's website, and you'll learn more in a future issue.

In the coming months we'll feature these new products in our magazines, we'll offer a downloadable version of all the products we've found at the show and more.

It's been a good show. If you didn't make it perhaps you can join us in Boone, Iowa, next year, or this year you could head over to Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Neb., that show starts Tuesday, September 10.

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