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Thanks and Giving: Co-workers

Day 8 of giving thanks…for great folks to work with.

I love my co-workers. I think any time you can count the folks you work with as extended family, you are blessed indeed.

When I joined Farm Progress 12 years ago, I was told the people were wonderful. Whoever said that was totally right. We're scattered all across the country and only see each other once or twice a year, if that. But those are some good times. We catch up like old family, and we've even been known to participate in a few hijinks during our overnight outings. Let's just say that hotel rooms may have, occasionally, been reorganized. Canoes, misplaced. Golf carts, borrowed. Forgery, accomplished. Patio chairs may have, once, been stacked outside a room.

And then there's this.

It defies logical explanation, but it pretty well sums up these guys. You might think they're all business, tracking things like global fertilizer demand for Farm Futures and all. But they're not. Just ask Ronald. 

Or this guy. There's a deep thought in there somewhere.

Actually, I think he's thinking, regretfully, about that time he tried to drown me in a canoe on a lake somewhere in Indiana.  I'm sure that's it. And I'm sure he's sorry. Very sorry.

And this is Bryce again.

Forget Ronald. He's back to contemplating fertilizer futures.

And this is just a small slice of the good folks who make up Farm Progress, and ag publishing in general. They're good people and agriculture is full of them. I think we're all pretty fortunate.

Thanks & Giving Day 9: Community Leaders

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