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Time for Buggins

Time for Buggins

The buffalo gnats are back, baby, and here's the stuff you need.

I was photographing a farmer in southern Illinois this weekend and one thing became rapidly, apparently obvious: buffalo gnat season is upon us. And if they're bad down there, it's only a matter of time - or a matter of this cold snap breaking - before they arrive further north. Swarming your face, in your eyes, biting everywhere and making outdoor life miserable for about 6 to 10 weeks. Blergh. 

I once took lunch to John in the field, where he proceeded to squint at me and ask what in the world was wrong with me. And you know, I did think my eye felt a little funny. Turns out, one of those things had bit my eyelid, which had swelled to epic proportions. Truly lovely.

We have found two things helpful: a little vanilla dabbed around your face, ears and neck. (Bonus: you smell like cookies!)

Or, Buggins. I think it's a little gift from heaven, quite frankly. I found it at our local Ace Hardware store, right in town. I've also spotted it at HyVee and according to their extensive list of retailers, Menards also carries.

Go forth and get some. You can thank me later.

(This blog not paid for by Buggins. I just really like it.)

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