Farmer Iron

From Viral Video to Vintage Tractor App

These days everyone wants to be an 'app' star, including Max Armstrong.

A few weeks ago I alerted readers to the fact that Max Armstrong was going viral...really. The veteran farm broadcaster, who has always had a passion for vintage tractors, is turning that love into a vintage tractor app you can download to your smartphone for free.

This is not a simple picture app, it's an interactive tool you can use to keep up on Max's Tractor Shed, hear Midwest Digest reports and more.

Farm Progress has a long (in the computer world) history of producing useful apps for farmers. This one we didn't produce but as you'll hear and see one of our own is into this in a big way.

If you have a smart phone - Apple iPhone or Android - you can go to your respective app marketplace to download the program. It's free, and while that's a bargain, the value of the information you'll get is way "more than you pay for." So download and enjoy.

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