My Generation

Words to Live By (or at least manage by)

A short dittie about why communicating the plan is nearly as important as the plan itself.

I pulled out an old notebook yesterday afternoon and flipped through to find a clean page. On my way there, I came across notes from a variety of semi-recent meetings and events.

Among them: my most favorite quote, courtesy of estate planning attorney and Prairie Farmer columnist Curt Ferguson. He spoke last fall, addressing the Cultivating Master Farmers group and talking about communication and estate plans.

He told them, "If you're not willing to talk to your kids about your estate plan, then one of two things is true: either your plan is unreasonable or your children are unreasonable. Either way, it's your fault!"

Think that one over. Have you talked to your (adult) children about your estate plan? And if not, why?

Is Curt right?

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