Men using machinery to install drainage tile in farm field
WHAT’S NEW: Recycling drainage water from farm fields, and using wetlands and bioreactors to reduce nutrient loss and protect water quality are some of the hot topics to be covered at the 2017 Iowa Drainage Research Forum.

Learn latest on ag drainage

Annual Drainage Research Forum at Iowa State University will focus on water quality monitoring and nutrient loss reduction.

The 17th annual Drainage Research Forum will provide results and updates on drainage research and farm projects Nov. 15 at the Iowa State University Alumni Center at Ames.

“The Drainage Research Forum is an important event for stakeholders to hear about the latest research and have an opportunity to discuss projects with the foremost experts from the nation and the region,” says Matt Helmers, ISU Extension ag engineer. “We hope attendees learn about research being conducted to better understand the role of drainage in our agricultural landscapes, as well as learn about methods to reduce downstream nutrient loss from drainage systems.”

Registration will be at 9 a.m., and the program runs from 9:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The forum is jointly sponsored by Iowa State and the University of Minnesota, in partnership with the Iowa Soybean Association.

Drainage water recycling, bioreactors and more
The program is intended for all drainage stakeholders, including state and federal agency staff, county supervisors, crop consultants, academics, contractors, farmers and anyone interested in drainage research issues in the Upper Midwest.

Presentation topics include research updates on the performance of bioreactors and wetlands in Iowa and Minnesota; edge-of-field subsurface drainage monitoring results from the Iowa Soybean Association; and drainage water recycling.

The drainage water recycling presentations will discuss establishment of a system, sizing of the on-farm storage of a system and evaluating the benefits of a drainage water recycling system. This portion of the program highlights work being done by the Transforming Drainage project, a multistate effort examining the performance of various drainage water management practices.

Update on Transforming Drainage project
“This year’s program combines results of drainage water quality monitoring, updates on edge-of-field practices to reduce nutrient losses and the latest from the Transforming Drainage project that is advancing water storage in drained landscapes,” says Chris Hay, senior environmental scientist at the Iowa Soybean Association.

Online registration is at Early registration is $50 and must be completed online by midnight Nov. 8. Late or on-site registration is $75. Students receive a $25 discount off the registration rate. Registration includes lunch and conference materials. Cancellations requesting a refund must be received by midnight, Nov. 8. For registration questions, contact ANR Program Services at [email protected] or 515-294-6429.

Source: Iowa State University

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