2010 Iowa Farm & Rural Life Poll

2010 Iowa Farm & Rural Life Poll

This year’s survey focuses largely on rural community and economic development issues. Results are now available in a summary report.

The Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll is an annual survey that collects and disseminates information on issues of importance to rural communities across Iowa and the Midwest. Conducted every year since its establishment in 1982, this Farm Poll is the longest running of its kind in the nation. Iowa State University Extension, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and the Iowa Ag Statistics Service are all partners in the Farm Poll effort.

This year’s Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll surveyed 2,224 farmers statewide, focusing largely on community issues and economic development. Usable survey responses were received from 1,360 of those farmers, resulting in a response rate of 61%. This year’s survey examines the changes in rural community life that are taking place, including trends in quality of life, interaction with neighbors in rural Iowa and access to services and commerce.

Provides a pulse on the concerns of rural Iowans

Population change in rural areas is a challenge, and the poll has questions focusing on that issue. For example, agritourism is increasingly seen as a potential source of economic development, and the 2010 survey examines farmer perspectives on agritourism’s prospects in Iowa.

Copies of this year’s poll results or any poll results from past years are available from your local county Extension office in Iowa, the ISU Extension Publications Distribution Center at www.extension.iastate.edu/store or you can read this year’s poll results online at www.soc.iastate.edu/extension/farmpoll.

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