5E John Deere tractor series revamped

5E John Deere tractor series revamped

Streamlined 5E John Deere tractor series offering adds two four-cylinder machines, interim Tier 4 engines.

The competitive 45- to 100-horsepower tractor class just got hotter with the recent announcement that John Deere has revamped the entire 5E Series Utility Tractors.

The line gets new interim Tier 4 engines, more cab and open operator station and transmission options and two new 4-cylinder machines. So here's the rundown.

The new line includes six machines. Four of those machines are three-cylinder models ranging from 45 to 75 engine horsepower. Two are four-cylinder machines at 85 and 100 horsepower. The two new four-cylinder machines replace three machines in the previous line.

MORE OPTIONS: Buyers of the 5075E three-cylinder tractor, have more option choices including cab and 12/12 PowrReverser transmission.

The new 5085E and 5100E have interim Tier 4 PowerTech einges and the 12 forward and 12 reverse PowrReverser transmission. And the machines get the 540/540 Economy PTO in base equipment. These two machines can either be ordered with an ergonomic climate-controlled cab or with an open operator station - which is new for the larger 5E models.

John Deere, in its announcement, notes that two of the most popular options on the 55 and 75 hp 3-cylinder machines are a cab and the 12/12 PowrReverser transmission. The electrohydraulic PowrReverser is designed to make those back-and-forth chores like loader and blading work easier on the operator since no clutching is required for direction changes.

New cab configurations on the 55 and 75 hp SE models offers the operator better working conditions in cold and dusty areas. And that 540 Economy PTO, designed to save fuel, is standard on all PowrReverser-equipped models. And other options allow buyers to configure the tractor just right for any size operation.

The 5E series is also a value-priced line for John Deere. According to the online configurator the new 5100E has a listed base price of $46,110; the 5085E is listed with a base price of $41,102. All tractors in the 5E series can be mated to a wide range of Frontier implements for greater productivity.

And on the 5055E, 5065E and 5075E - through July 2013 - John Deere is offering $500 off for one of these models outfitted with a cab and the PowrReverser transmission. Learn about the special offer.

Learn more about the two largest models - the 5085E and 5100E - at John Deere's website.

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