7 ag stories you might have missed this week (6/19)

7 ag stories you might have missed this week (6/19)

Monsanto COO on Syngenta deal, speed milking, robotic grocery store and aggie ballet

Need to catch up? Here are some food, agriculture and farm stories you might have missed this week.

1. Farmer in mind. Monsanto COO says its proposal to merge with Syngenta is being considered in the interest of its farmer-customers. Farm Futures

2. This is why the drought's a big deal. Several groups are using the drought in California for their cause – even PETA. AP

3. $10 million a day. That's how much the Grocery Manufacturers Association says the GMO labeling law in Vermont will cost for its members in fines. AP

4. High-oleic opportunity. FDA's plan for partially hydrogenated oils could expand high-oleic soy interest. Farm Progress

7 ag stories: Monsanto COO on Syngenta deal, speed milking robotic grocery store and aggie ballet

5. Speed milking. Take a look inside the world's largest robotic dairy, with an up-close video of milking robots at work. NZ Farmer

6. More robots! This time it's dispensing groceries in an underserved area of Des Moines. And it looks pretty cool. Des Moines Register

7. Farming microbes. Are they the next step in insect control? NPR

And your bonus:

Farm to ballet. Tutus and … Jersey cows? New ballet production marries art and Vermont's unique agriculture scene. The Vermont Standard

In case you're a fan of sheep. See what the sheep were up to when the Google car made its rounds. To be fair, there's some really cool scenery. Slate

7 ag stories you might have missed this week 2

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