Add durability to John Deere 600 chopping heads

Add durability to John Deere 600 chopping heads

May Wes rolls out new Row Divider Shields using poly material to extend equipment life.

Chopping heads are hard-working tools on the farm. May Wes Manufacturing recognizes that and has launched a product enhancement to protect new and repair damaged row dividers on John Deere 600 Chopping heads. The Row Divider Shield is made of heavy-duty UHMW polyethylene material and attaches to the original rubber row dividers.

The company claims the product extends the life of the head by reinforcing the divider and covering worn spots; it’s a less costly repair than the original equipment part; and it heightens the effectiveness of the divider's purpose and eliminates windrowing of residues.

May Wes Manufacturing rolls out new Row Divider Shield for John Deere 600 Chopping Head. The divider is made from UHMW polyethyline and can extend machine life.

The Row Divider Shield is available for 30-inch row spacing and for 20/22-inch rows. The product is sold per row and comes complete with pre-drilled UHMW shield and the hardware required for installation. You can learn more by visiting

Source: May Wes Manufacturing

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