Add-on Cargo Light Makes Sense

Automatic Cargo Light provides alternative to pickup cargo light.

Ever try working at night with the pickup cargo light shining in your eyes from the top of the cab? The folks at 4zProducts apparently have had that blinding experience too, and have come up with an after-market side-of-the-cargo-box light the way a little better.

4zProducts is selling this after-market automatic cargo light for most pickup trucks. The light is

activated by a tailgate switch to illuminate the bed, and not your eyes like so many stock on-the-cab lights.

The Automatic Cargo Light mounts under the bed rail of most pickup trucks with heavy-duty two-sided tape. The wires are then fed under the bed rail and to a constant source of 12 VDC current and ground. The light's switch is attached to the tailgate (provisions are made for removeable tailgates) and turns the light on or off as the tailgate is opened and closed. The switch also includes an override for those times the tailgate must be kept down.

The Automatic Cargo Light sells for $29.95.

For more information, call (701) 290-7577, or go on-line to:

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