AEM Updates Mower Safety Manual

AEM Updates Mower Safety Manual

English and English/Spanish versions get extensive update.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has done an extensive update on its industrial/agricultural mower safety manual -- for both English and English/Spanish versions.

The new manual includes rotary, folding-wing rotary, flail, boom and sickle bar mowers as well as disc mowers, disc mower conditioners and self-propelled windrowers.

The new edition outlines common-sense "do's and don'ts" in clear language and in an easy-to-follow format, and are aimed at in-house safety training.

An updated mower safety manual from AEM includes 40 kinds of equipment and features the latest best-use practices for safe use, maintenance and storage of mowing equipment.

The manual covers current industry practice in machine design and construction, as well as the latest industry safety best practices for equipment use, maintenance and transport. One enhancement is an expanded "safe maintenance" section, with a new section discussing mower blade maintenance; expanded discussions of "mower thrown objects"; and "slope operation."

The new publication is available online at

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