AgriClear announces collaboration with two Texas-based cattle organizations

AgriClear announces collaboration with two Texas-based cattle organizations

AgriClear is working with American Akaushi Association and HeartBrand Beef.

AgriClear, an online transaction and payment platform for cattle buyers and sellers, announced Feb. 9 that it is collaborating with two Texas-based cattle industry organizations, the American Akaushi Association and HeartBrand Beef.

AgriClear is collaborating with HeartBrand Beef and the American Akaushi Association. (Photo: Rasica/Thinkstock)

Under the terms of the arrangement with the American Akaushi Association, which represents live producers of the Akaushi (Japanese Red) breed of cattle, the association will promote the use of the AgriClear livestock platform to its members to help them market their Akaushi full-blood seed-stock, percentage blood replacement females, stockers, feeders and fat cattle to producers throughout North America. AgriClear has also finalized an agreement with Akaushi beef producer HeartBrand Beef under which HeartBrand will utilize the AgriClear platform and settlement services for feeder and fed cattle procurement. Both agreements are effective immediately.

“We are excited to announce this new partnership as we continue to gain traction and grow the AgriClear network within the U.S. cattle industry,” said Nevil Speer, AgriClear’s vice president of U.S. operations.

The Akaushi breed, which was brought to the U.S. from Japan more than 20 years ago, is known for its high-quality, flavorful and healthy beef. The lineage of each animal can be traced back more than 30 generations. Akaushi is the only natural 100% source verified beef in America.

“The American Akaushi Association is extremely excited to offer this new marketing and settlement tool to our membership. Through our partnership with AgriClear, this new format will allow Akaushi producers to buy and sell beyond their local and regional areas today while also showing strong potential to help us grow the sector both nationally and internationally into the future,” said Bubba Bain, executive director, American Akaushi Association.

“HeartBrand Beef is eager to begin buying and selling cattle with the AgriClear platform. We feel it will streamline the process and add marketing options. I am especially excited about the added financial security it gives to both buyer and seller,” added Jordan Beeman, president of HeartBrand Beef.

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