Americans Using Internet More For Food System Information

Americans Using Internet More For Food System Information

Informative, Web-based platforms can be positive for food system.

The latest consumer trust research from The Center for Food Integrity finds that Americans are looking more and more to the internet for information on food system issues. Terry Fleck, executive director of the Center, says all population segments are going to the internet first and primarily using search engines to find what they're looking for on food system issues. They're looking less at local television, cable and newspapers.

Fleck called this trend positive for the food system. "If we have informative, Web-based platforms and we can get them well positioned with search engines then we create the opportunity to ensure we have a mature, balanced voice out there to address consumer concerns."

This year's research focused on four key areas of concern: Food Safety; Nutrition and Health; Technology and Innovation; and Food Animal Well-Being. After being provided simple educational material on programs that already exist in the food industry, survey respondents were said to be significantly more confident in food safety.

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