Annual Iowa Organic Ag Conference Is Nov. 24

ISU Organic Agriculture Program will host the 8th annual Iowa Organic Conference this month in Ames.

You are invited to join local producers, agribusiness professionals and organic production experts for the eighth annual Iowa Organic Conference at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State University campus in Ames on November 24, 2008.

As the demand for quality organic products continues to outpace the current supply, Iowa and Midwest farmers have a tremendous opportunity to be successful in this $17 billion industry, says Kathleen Delate, head of the organic crop production program at ISU.

Meeting will feature a number of topics

The 2008 Organic Conference will include a keynote address by Bob Scowcroft, with the Organic Farming Research Foundation, titled "Beyond Organic: Practicing Sustainability in Challenging Times."

"We are really excited to have Bob Scowcroft address pressing issues in organics, including the need to continue certification, but also highlight the value of local and sustainable components of organic agriculture," says Kathleen Delate, who is also the chair of the Iowa Organic Conference.

The event will also feature presentations and educational sessions by leading industry experts on a variety of topics, including Transitioning to Organic Production; Surviving the Floods; Farm Bill Facts for Organic Producers; Organic Opportunities for Agri-Tourism; and Marketing in an Ethanol World.

Conference participants also have an opportunity to talk directly with organic professionals and industry leaders during the Organic Tradeshow and enjoy a four-course organic lunch showcasing products from Iowa and the Midwest.

Organic association meeting held Nov. 23

Come early and plan to attend the Iowa Organic Association Meeting and reception featuring Tim LaSalle, with the Rodale Institute on Sunday, November 23. LaSalle's topic will cover "Organic Agriculture: Solutions for the Global Climate Crisis", and will begin at 4 p.m. in Room 179 of the Scheman Building on the ISU campus.

For more information on this upcoming conference, including registration information or a complete conference agenda, visit the conference Web site at or call 515-294-6222.

Also for more information on organic agriculture, contact Dr. Kathleen Delate, Organic Agriculture Specialist, ISU, 515-294-7069 or [email protected].

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