Anonymous Gift of $3 Million Funds Unique Endowment at ISU

A first-of-its-kind endowed deanship has been established in the ag college at Iowa State.

A first-of-its-kind endowed deanship at Iowa State University has been established in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences thanks to a $3 million gift from an anonymous donor. The endowed fund will provide perpetual financial support for emerging college priorities and will be administered by the current and all future deans of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

"This is a very exciting step for Iowa State University," says ISU President Gregory Geoffroy. "We aim to establish endowed deanships in each of our colleges, and creating the first one in our renowned College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is a great way to begin. We are extremely grateful to this donor and the many others who are supporting this very important effort."

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Wendy Wintersteen, the first holder of the endowed deanship, says the gift is an extraordinary commitment to the college's mission. "This gift is a clear signal that our alumni and friends are passionate about supporting the college's mission, success and continued growth. They understand the critical importance of research and education in the agricultural and life sciences for both the future of Iowa and the citizens of the world. This endowment will help safeguard our position among the very best."

Will help ISU remain a leader in ag

Wintersteen says the $3 million endowment will help the university remain among the nation's top agricultural institutions.

Endowed leadership positions allow administrators to leverage human and financial resources. Endowment earnings help provide flexible funds that can be directed to support urgent or emerging priorities. For example, earnings from this endowment may support faculty with research funding, graduate assistants and other areas of greatest need, and could enhance the student educational experience through expanded opportunities for research and learning opportunities like assistantships and fellowships.

"Funds like these can make a huge difference for faculty and students in the college," says Wintersteen. "Knowing these funds are available in perpetuity will allow me and future deans of agriculture and life sciences to take action on emerging opportunities."

This gift is part of "Campaign Iowa State: With Pride and Purpose," the university's $800 million fund-raising effort that was publicly launched last month.

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