Celebrate Iowa State University Extension Week

Celebrate Iowa State University Extension Week

Iowa State University is celebrating Extension Week throughout the state March 21-25, 2011. You are invited to attend an event near you and learn more about what ISU Extension has to offer you, your community and your state.

Iowa State University Extension will celebrate Extension Week throughout the state March 21-25, 2011. "It's one way we can say 'thank you' to the many volunteers, community leaders, organizations, agencies and other partners who support ISU Extension work in Iowa," says Gerald Miller, interim vice president for ISU Extension and Outreach. County Extension offices will be holding open houses and other activities throughout the week, and Cy, the Iowa State University mascot, will be making special appearances. Iowans should contact their ISU Extension county office for details about local events.

What is the purpose of Extension and a land-grant university?

"As a land-grant university, Iowa State was founded on three big ideas: to open higher education to all, to teach practical classes and to share knowledge far beyond the campus borders," says Miller. "When it comes to providing education that makes a difference in Iowans' everyday lives, it starts with Extension." Extension is part of an educational network supported by Iowa State University, local county governments and USDA. Every county in Iowa has an elected extension council that decides how local tax dollars are spent to support ISU Extension educational programs at the county level. County Extension council members help keep ISU Extension relevant and engaged with Iowans, says Terry Maloy, president of Iowa Association of County Extension Councils. "We keep track of local issues so ISU Extension can address them with research-based information and education to help people make better decisions in their personal, community and professional lives."

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