Charge It - Two at a Time

Pulse Tech introduces dual-station 12-volt charger.

For folks maintaining numerous lead-acid storage batteries in vehicles and power equipment that might not be used regularly, Pulse Tech Products has introduced a dual-station 12-volt Maintenance Charger.
In addition to providing a pair of charging service outlets for 12-volt applications, the charger also can be used on 24-volt systems set up with a pair of 12-volt batteries in series.

The Extreme Charge X2 is designed for all lead-acid batteries (standard flooded, AGM, Gel and maintenance-free) and uses a pulse technology to determine the proper rate of charge for the given battery and its condition. It also will tell you if the battery has failed and is no longer capable of holding a charge.

DUAL CHARGER: Pulse Tech Products makes maintaining a fleet of lead-acid batteries simpler with the new

Extreme Charge X2 dual charging station.

The Extreme Charge X2 features four built-in wall tabs and includes to fuse-protected battery clamps and lugs. MSRP is $189.95 and includes a five-year warranty.

For more information call (888) 287-9314, or visit

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