Colombian Trade Ticker Launched

Live calculator shows cost to U.S. to trade with Colombia.

The Bush Administration has unveiled a live online calculator that shows how much the United States pays in tariffs to ship products to Colombia, while their products have duty free access to the U.S.

Earlier this month President Bush sent implementing legislation to Congress for approval of the Colombian Free Trade Agreement that was signed in November 2006. However, the House of Representatives successfully voted to indefinitely delay action on the agreement.

"Since the Colombia FTA was signed, nearly $1 billion in tariffs have been assessed to U.S. products being exported to Colombia," says Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer. "In the meantime, Colombian exports have come into the U.S. duty-free. This is not in the best interest of America and certainly not in the best interest of American farmers."

More than 70% of U.S. agricultural products shipped to Colombia would immediately become duty-free with the enacting of the free trade agreement.

"It is time for Congress to act in the best interest of America's economy, America's farmers, and America's citizens," Schafer says. "It is time for Congress to pass legislation to implement the Colombia Free Trade Agreement."

To find out more about the tariffs paid Colombia since 2006, click HERE.

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