Crustbuster Offers Drive-Over Pit

Portable 'pits' offer capacity to move 7,000 bushels per hour.

Portability, high volume, durability are the watchwords for Crustbuster's new Drive-Over Pit.

The new portable "pits" offer 4-foot wide ramps and an 8-foot long spring-loaded sidewall for easy line up and the capacity to move more than 7,000 bushels per hour with hydraulic or electric power.

Transport is easy with 15-inch automotive style wheels and hubs.

For more information on the Drive-Over Pit, call (620) 227-7106 or visit:

Crustbuster has introduced a highly-portable, high-capacity Drive-Over Pit, designed for easy transport and up to 7,000 bushels per hour loading rates.

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