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The certified-pre-owned club grows

The certified-pre-owned club grows

Vermeer is latest company to announce a program for its used equipment. And Claas pushes their program during Farm Progress Show.

As used equipment inventories continue to weigh on the farm equipment market, more companies are apparently looking at certified pre-owned equipment plans. The folks at Vermeer have announced their program - which they're calling "Job Ready."

Vermeer is firing up a Job Ready certified pre-owned program for its balers, and as you can see, they're labeling the inspected machines too.

This is one of two CPO-related releases that fell into my email inbox in a single day (more about the second farther on). And it's a continued sign that the industry is working hard to move that iron to make sure there's room for new machines and that a backlog of iron on lots across the country won't have to be liquidated at a loss. Investing in a CPO program can cost a little money up front - those inspections do cost dealer hours - will pay off in moving those machines off the lot.

For the Vermeer release the Job Ready program includes a detailed inspection of the machine by a Vermeer technician and if you buy, you get a comprehensive labor and parts service contract for that used machine. In the release, Bob Martin, Vermeer Solutions Manager, is quoted: "We're pleased to offer a program that provides farmers and ranchers confidence that the pre-owned machine will be productive long after the initial purchase. This type of coverage is standard with a new model purchase, but is not easily found in the pre-owned market."

Job Ready service contracts cover parts and labor for major components for 12 months or 10,000 bales from the data of purchase - whichever comes first. Job Ready coverage is available on select baler models that fall within a 7-year model range and have baled less than 20,000 bales.

The program does not provide a bumper-to-bumper warranty, Martin says. He comments that the program is about "making sure that the failure of a significant item during the contract period won't add financial stress to the equipment owner and it's about providing reassurance that they can bring their machine to any Vermeer dealer for a covered repair."

And like many other companies playing in the CPO market, Vermeer has fired up a special website where you can find these machines, just check out where you'll find dealer inventory listings.

Claas keeps pushing CPO

During the Farm Progress Show, Claas held an event to promote its certified pre-owned program, which focuses on its Lexion combine line. They held a farmer reception to discuss the CPO concept, a program that Claas back in 2011. They call their program the Lexion Field Ready Reconditioned program and those combines go through a 25-point inspection, and are backed by a 100-hour Syscare service agreement.

That inspection program looks at the engine, hydraulics, transmission, brakes, electrical system, air condition and steering. That inspection also includes a fluid analysis to ensure all systems are working right (fluid analysis is pretty much a standard practice for CPO programs of engine-powered equipment).

Buyers of those Lexion Field Ready Reconditioned machines also get detailed videos on how to make adjustments to the machine and what standard maintenance procedures should be done at 10, 50, 100 and 500 hours. Dealers offering the program produce an inspection report detailing any repairs that were made, and what parts were replaced.

You can check out what Claas has to offer for those Field Ready Reconditioned combines online.

Note: In my other job as editor of Farm Industry News, earlier this year we posted a story about CPO program that offered a comparison of those programs - to date. It does not include the new Vermeer program, but gives you an idea of what's out there. Check it out.

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