Deere's Tillage Family Grows

Deere's Tillage Family Grows

The new Frontier TM51 Series tandem disk harrow comes 18 to 32 feet wide and folds easily.

Effective ground penetration and tillage along with a heavy-built design for durability are the hallmarks of John Deere's new Frontier TM51 Series tandem disk harrow.

In working widths from 18 to 32 feet, the TM51 folds easily with hydraulics for transport and features 8 inches of ground clearance. It's designed for tractors in the 150- to 500-drawbar horsepower range.

The TM51 Series can use 25- or 28-inch diameter disks and has a weight per blade range of 265- to 379 lbs for soil-residue penetration of up to 9 inches.

For more on the new harrow, visit:

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