Doha Will Impact Future Negotiations

Results of deal will be far-reaching.

After seven years of World Trade Organization trade talks it's still unclear when or if a deal can be reached in the Doha Round. Whatever the outcome, former U.S. Agricultural Trade Negotiator Allen Johnson says the attitude of the ag community will play a big part in what happens after Doha is done.

"There's a lot of frustration," Johnson says. "It's a never ending negotiation that we were able to kick off in 2001, but we haven't seen the benefits from."

Johnson says if a deal is reached people will be watching very closely the perceptions of how trade access is created and what kind of trade flows are produced, because they want to see benefits from these agreements.

"What happens in our subsidies and imports are going to affect the attitude of agriculture towards future negotiations beyond Doha," Johnson says.

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