Dynamic Weather Conditions

A wide temperature range foreshadows a stormy week across North America.

According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, temperatures that have been seen this week has been a bit extreme even by North American standards.

"On Monday afternoon temperatures in south and central Texas were as high as the mid-80s," Rippey says. "On Tuesday we saw temperatures in the minus 40 to 50 range across the Canadian prairies."

That 130 degree temperature range is a weather pattern that is bringing some precipitation with it. A storm Wednesday is expected to bring blizzard conditions to the Midwest and thunderstorms to the Southeast. A second weather pattern Thursday and Friday is expected to bring more snow to the Midwest and more rain in the Southeast.

"Certainly for livestock and travel a difficult week for the Plains and the Midwest," Rippey says. "But as you head into the Southeast, once we get away from the severe thunderstorms this rain will be beneficial."

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