E85 Ethanol Sales Up Sharply as Gas Prices Rise

Iowa now has 85 corn-based E85 ethanol pumps statewide.

The number of E85 stations has been rising to meet the demand by more flexible fuel vehicles in Iowa. The most recent pump was installed in Forest City and it marks the 85th E85 pump in Iowa.

"Iowa Corn has been promoting ethanol for 30 years, starting with the first E85 pumps in the early 1990s. Today, we’re working with partners like the Clean Air Choice Coalition to build the market for E85 in Iowa," says Shannon Textor, market development director for the Iowa Corn Growers Association and Iowa Corn Promotion Board. "With the price of gasoline rising you may have noticed a considerable price advantage to filling up with E85 ethanol made right here in Iowa. Ultimately, ethanol is better for our economy, our environment and reduces our dependence on foreign oil."

Check out these E85 facts:

* E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. It is specially formulated to run in flexible fuel vehicles.
* One in every 10 vehicles in Iowa is a flexible fuel vehicle.
* Sixty cents of every dollar spent on E85 stays in Iowa.
* Ethanol-blended fuel is actually saving you an average of 45 cents per gallon at the pump.
* Corn use for ethanol has little (literally pennies) to do with the rising cost of food prices.

Sales data for E85 indicate that the amount of the fuel being purchased by owners of flex-fuel vehicles in Iowa is unprecedented, says Jessica Zopf, program manager for the American Lung Association of Iowa. The American Lung Association of Iowa leads the Clean Air Choice program.

"The nationwide rise in gasoline prices is a major factor," she says. "While we welcome bargain hunters trying E85 for the first time for its lower price, we hope they will continue to buy the fuel because it emits considerably less pollution than gasoline. We estimate the E85 sold in just one month in Iowa (April) helped prevent more than 1,800 tons of lifecycle CO2 from entering our air."

For a complete listing of E85 fueling stations or more facts about E85, visit www.iowacorn.org.

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