Farmers Want Ag Weather Program Returned to WOI-AM

Speak up if you want to get ISU Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor back on the airwaves.

Several farmers have contacted Wallaces Farmer in recent weeks, asking the magazine to help them in an effort to have ISU Extension climatologist Elwynn Taylor’s program returned to the airwaves of Iowa Public Radio. For many years, Taylor, a professor of meteorology and agronomy at ISU, has had a weather segment on the noon program on WOI-AM, the Iowa State University station whose broadcast originates from Ames.

At the end of February 2008, his part of the program was removed as Iowa Public Radio management changed the noon broadcast to replace some of its ag coverage with different programming. This came about as a result of restructuring and merging of the broadcasts of Iowa’s three public radio stations—which are based at ISU in Ames, the University of Iowa in Iowa City and the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.

His work is unique and highly valued

Taylor has been the ISU Extension climatologist for 30 years. His work is especially beneficial to ISU and Iowa agriculture since it combines climate and farming. He is one of the few academic people in the world who combines both disciplines in a practical manner. He is highly regarded and his work is valued by Midwest farmers and the agricultural community.

When Taylor’s program was dropped from the airwaves, it happened at a key time for farmers who must make crop insurance decisions before March 15. Because Taylor’s perspective includes his predictions for summer weather, particularly rainfall, many farmers consider his forecasts and his updates of weather information when making their decisions throughout the year, including financial management decisions such as crop insurance.

Do you miss Elwynn’s daily report?

Cindy Browne, executive director of Iowa Public Radio, has indicated she will listen to public opinion on this matter. If you would like to help reinstate Elwynn Taylor’s daily weather program with the Friday interactive call-in feature, you can direct your comments to Cindy Browne in one of the following ways:

To send her an e-mail directly, send your opinion to: [email protected]
To send her a personal letter, write to: Cindy Browne, Executive Director, Iowa Public Radio, 1200 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50309

To make a personal statement on Iowa Public Radio’s Web site, go to  To call to speak with Cindy Browne directly, phone 515-235-4655.

To be effective, please be courteous when you communicate with her. Also, be specific in your comments. Say where you are from, as well as whether you are a farmer, landowner or agribusiness person. You might also tell her if you are a supporter of Iowa Public Radio. Elwynn Taylor has worked on Iowa agriculture’s behalf for many years. Now you have an opportunity to speak up for him.

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