Farmland leasing meetings to be held across Iowa

Farmland leasing meetings to be held across Iowa

Farm tenants and landowners are urged to attend to get answers on rental agreements for cropland.

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting a number of farmland leasing meetings during July and August at various times and locations throughout Iowa. These annual summer workshops are offered to address questions that landowners, tenants or other interested individuals have about leasing farmland.

Topics will include land values and cash rent trends, cost of production, methods for determining a fair rental rate, legislative updates regarding the laws on leases, and how to improve communication between tenants and landlords.

PLAN TO ATTEND: A series of workshops aimed to increase your understanding of cropland rental agreements and learn about options to improve your lease will be held in July and August throughout Iowa. Landlords and tenants both should attend these meetings sponsored by ISU Extension.

“More than half of Iowa’s farmland is rented, and strong landlord/tenant relationships are important for the long-term viability of Iowa’s valuable farmland,” says Alejandro Plastina, assistant professor of economics and an Extension economist at Iowa State University. “This year, our recently released survey shows cash rent values across the state of Iowa have declined for the third consecutive year, dropping by 6.5% from 2015. Every crop reporting district in the state saw a decline in rental prices.”

Workshop is very helpful, well worth your time to attend

The three-hour workshop is designed to assist landowners, farm tenants and other agri-business professionals with current issues related to farmland ownership, management and leasing arrangements. Attendees will gain a better understanding of current cash rental rate survey results and factors driving next year’s rents such as market trends and input costs.

A 100-page workbook is compiled specifically by ISU Extension farm management specialists for these workshops and it is available to everyone who attends. This valuable resource has useful information regarding land leasing agreements such as rental rate surveys, sample written lease agreements and termination forms, along with many other resources that are included.

Plan now to attend a local farmland leasing meeting

These leasing meetings being held across Iowa are facilitated by ISU Extension and Outreach farm management specialists. A listing of county Extension offices hosting the meetings is available online with additional information available through the Ag Decision Maker website.

For registration information, contact your ISU Extension and Outreach county office. Pre-registration is encouraged as an additional $5 fee may be added if registering less than two calendar days before the meeting date.

The Ag Decision Maker leasing section also provides useful materials tenants and landlords can use for negotiating leases, along with information on various types of leases, lease forms and newly updated Decision Tools.

For farm management information and analysis visit ISU's Ag Decision Maker site; ISU Extension farm management specialist Steve Johnson's site is at

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